[78-L] Almanac Singers first album

Han Enderman jcenderman at solcon.nl
Wed Mar 26 09:11:02 PDT 2014

The last image of this later version, with has Keynote on the front cover, shows spine with nr K-101.
What's on spine of 105 (had no image of this until now) ?

The question remains why nr 102 can be found on 3 different albums produced by Keynote.

han enderman
>>> Yes but neither is K-101. This is where a Keynote discography would come in 
handy..Thomas Stern? Jack Raymond?

I've had 6 Songs for Democracy several times and never seen one with a K- 
prefix, but that doesn't mean there couldn't be one on a later issue. It 
probably stayed in print as long as Keynote existed..I've seen it with very 
thin pressings. I don't know if it got reissued on Theme. I had Music Room 105 
and didn't know anything about it till I did some research and found out about 
the Topic source.

I've had two of the Almanac discs but not the album. (Info should be in the 
Bear Family "Songs for Political Action" set which is not handy at the moment.) 
So I can't answer the question of it being album 102 if there was no Almanac 101.

(K105 is No For An Answer..that's one I know since it's on a shelf behind me, 
as well as on eBay.)


On 3/26/2014 12:43 AM, Han Enderman wrote:
> Had not yet noticed this before, but there are 2 versions of the 101 Album, pres. with the same Music Room records inside (which mention Keynote on labels).
> The first version (of which I have a single bad image) states along the lower border of the front cover:
> "The Music Room International Series - Set 101", just as on the labels.
> The later, more common version gives "The Keynote Recordings, Inc." with address, and "Album Nr. 101".
> I have a single image of Music Room/Keynote 4-A (Paddy Ryan), which mentions Made in England 1940,
> WMA Topic Records Club.
> But the surprise is now that this label also states "The Music Room's International Series - Set 102",
> so this would be Keynote Album 102 I assume.
> Then why another album K-102, as I said, and why was the first (and only) Almanac Records Album numbered 102 ??
> han enderman
> ===
>>>> I'm looking for info but I'm pretty sure that 6 Songs For Democracy was never a
> K number, being on the Music Room International label instead. Seems to me that
> the second Music Room album was a set of records dubbed from Topic (UK). I've
> had one of the discs and am looking to see where I logged the information.
> dl
> On 3/25/2014 11:10 PM, Han Enderman wrote:
>> The first album by the Almanac Singers (Seeger etc) was released in May 1941 as Almanac Records Album 102.
>> Due to its political aims, the 3 records were not released on Keynote, but on this special label, and were only available for a short time.
>> Keynote Album 101 (6 Songs For Democracy: Discos De Las Brigadas Internacionales) had been issued in 1940(?).
>> Can it be confirmed that the Almanac number (102) was actually the next number in the Keynote 100 series ?
>> There is however a real Keynote Album K-102, Early American Ballads by John&   Lucy Allison.
>> Remarkable is the K prefix, which does not occur on the cover of early Keynote albums.
>> When was K-102 issued and was this cat.nr used to fill the gap in the numerical album list?
>> han enderman
> <<<

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