[78-L] songs about paint/painters/painting

Rodger Holtin rjh334578 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 14 19:40:54 PDT 2014

List time again.

Local art teacher/painter asked if I had any records about painting, assuming there would be no such thing, of course.  I'm sure some of you old broadcast guys have already made this list.
Here's what I have so far:

Old Master Painter
Wedding of the Painted Doll
Dip Your Brush in the Sunshine
Mona Lisa
Whistler’s Mother In Law
Painting the Clouds with Sunshine
And some that could be related, anyway:
Study in Brown [etc]
Rhapsody in Blue
Just a Picture of Me Without You

There must be more, and this will be enough to make my point, but any others that pop to mind would be appreciated, of course.  I may even use this idea on the air...who knows.... 

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