[78-L] Early VICTOR RECORD recorded in Japan

Clifford Bolling 78records at cdbpdx.com
Fri Mar 14 18:54:28 PDT 2014

I think these were U.S. labels, made to sell in the U.S., with Camden, N.J. on the label and the conditions specifying
a minimum sale price of 60c each in the U.S.  However, I have no idea what the Japanese text says.



To me, they don't look all that different from US labels. I wonder if 
the words "Grand Prize" are somewhere in Japanese?

joe salerno


On 3/14/2014 3:17 PM, Clifford Bolling wrote:
>I just acquired a small collection of Japanese 78s which included 4 10" single sided VICTOR RECORD labels >I've not seen before.  Also haven't been able to find any info about them, either, except the Nipper logo appears >to date from 1906-1908.  All 4 show the VICTOR RECORD title around the top with -RECORDED IN JAPAN- over >that.  1 of the 4 has a conditions sticker on the back dated Feb ?, 1908 stating for sale in the U.S. for 60c.  The >other 3 have no sticker on the back and the conditions are in 3 lines around the bottom of the label. >>I posted these records to YouTube on my VintageJapaneseMusic channel: >>http://www.youtube.com/user/vintagejapanesemusic >>Has anyone seen this label?  Doesn't seem like this label was issued very much... >>Thanks!  Cliff >_______________________________________________ 

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