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Not to be crude, Cary, but I drool with envy.  I fondly remember many visits
to Rose Discount Records on Wabash under the "L" tracks in the Chicago Loop.
Because I was a graduate student at the time, I had little money, but they
had huge stocks of cut-out Elektra, Vanguard and other 60s folk albums.
Lots of overstock Folkways, as well.  I bought what I could; I always wish I
had had the means to stock up.  My favorite album, one I feared I had played
so much that it would wear out, was "Gibson and Camp at the Gate of Horn" on
Elektra, which had been out of print for years--this was the mid 70s.  One
day I found about 10 of them at Rose's, and I blew my budget for the next
few weeks and bought them.  I gave several to friends and relatives, but I
still have a few that haven't been opened.   But the Leadbelly 10 inchers. .
. ,  sigh.
Bob Shirer

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The passing of Pete Seeger reminded me of a day in 1986 when, shortly after
the death of Moe Asch, I walked into the Joseph Sachs Music Store in
downtown Los Angeles and saw that they were going out of business. In the
store was one entire wall full of Folkways LPs - all on sale for $2.95 each.
I had the presence of mind to know a good thing when I saw it and bought one
copy of every Folkways LP they had, including 9 by Seeger and all 4 10-inch
volumes of the Lead Belly Memorial series. I must have walked away with 50
LPs that day. You've heard of "The Folk Music Scare"? That was my Folk Music

Cary Ginell
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