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Mark Bardenwerper citrogsa at charter.net
Sat Jan 25 19:18:04 PST 2014

On 1/25/2014 3:00 PM, "Benno Häupl" <goldenbough at arcor.de> wrote:
> .
> I know it is very difficult to stay up-to-date with all these changes in eBay
> policies and procedures, but I can tell you the following things.
> 1) When a buyer contacts his seller after the purchase (e.g. when something
> went wrong), eBay asks about the item number and shows a list of items
> purchased.  After the proper selection a case is opened automatically (!) -
> on the site where the buyer purchased. This can be eBay Italy for an Italian
> buyer! Then you (the seller) may not understand too much of what's being said.
> 2) Any case opened counts against the seller (somewhere in the background),
> if the seller does not close the case with a refund. Too many cases in the last
> 12 months can get you kicked off eBay - for good.
> 3) If you do not refund, but send a replacement, you need ''online viewable
> proof of delivery''. This is not identical with ''signature confirmation''.  If you
> cannot provide this proof of delivery which the eBay bots can see automatically
> on the net, then the buyer will get a refund - automatically as well.  This is why
> your best option is to refund immediately and consider this as part of doing
> business.
> If one in a hundred transactions turn bad, then add 50¢ or a dollar so to the
> shipping costs and "self insure". After 100 transactions you will have $50 or
> $100 in your sugar bowl to pay any claims from.
> Consequence:  whenever I have to ask my seller a question after the sale,
> I always select the option "This is not about an item purchased". This way the
> seller will not get a mark because of a ''case opened''.  But: how many people
> know this?
> It is not a matter of ''right or wrong'', but rather about understanding the eBay
> robots and their "scoring parameters" (evaluations). Mind you, the number of
> cases opened (even when closed amicably) also counts towards the visibility
> of your items in the searches, i.e. if your merchandise is on top of page 1 or
> buried on page 7.
> Or, as the new User Agreement says it, ''In some situations a listing may not
> appear in some search and browse results" - even if you pay for your listings!!!
> Bravo, eBay! Quite an achievement!
Sounds more like playing a crazy video game than doing logical business.
Thanks. Lessons learned!

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