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I don't think Carleton made any recordings until very late in his career: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2GBwGa89hI
IMDB has him appearing in Bringing Up Father 1946 & Fall Guy 1947, maybe he plays it there.
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I don't see any signs of a Bob Carleton recording. Wiki says Carleton first popularized it with Cliff Edwards, but that seems to be in live performances at the Café Arsonia in Chicago.I have files byArthur FieldsRed NicholsTommy LadnierAl HirtJohnny & the HurricanesI can't tell you the condition of any unless I dig them up.RayK>From: David LennickI've received a request on behalf of a 13-year-old whose mother has done somehomework but may be asking for the impossible..she wants an original recordingof the song Ja-Da but has asked for it by the composer, Bob Carleton. Did herecord it? She'll settle for Arthur Fields on Victor. (And I don't know if shewants the actual physical 78 or a file.)_______________________________________________78-L mailing list78-L at klickitat.78online.comhttp://klickitat.78online.com/mailman/listinfo/78-l

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