[78-L] Albert Nicholas

Julian Vein julianvein at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Nov 9 11:02:08 PST 2013

>>> I have a white label 12" LP of Albert Nicholas. The personnel typed on

the label is:

Nicholas, Humphrey Lyttleton, Keith Christie, Wally Fawkes, Neville
Skrimshire, Bruce Turner & unknown baritone, piano, 2nd trumpet, string
bass & drums. I suspect John R.T. Davies may have been involved in
recording and, possibly, playing on it.

side 1:
I've Found A New Baby
Rose Room

side 2:
Ain't Misbehavin'
Royal Garden Blues
High Society

It's not listed in Lord 10.0. Is it in the Gerard Bielderman Nicholas disco?

        Julian Vein


On 09/11/13 15:19, Han Enderman wrote:
> I do not know if it is in the Nicholas dg, and it is not in the Bielderman JRTD dg.
> The last 4 titles are in the Collectors Items 1985 Lyttelton dg by Purser et al., and
> in the Clutten-Purser-Bielderman Bruce Turner dg (2000).
> All 6 in Klaus-Uwe Dürr's Nicholas dg (1995).
> Recorded at Richardsons Recording Rooms, London 4 Jan 1956.
> Personnel HL-tp, KC-tb, AN-cl, WF-cl, BT-as, Paul Simpson-bar,
> Johnny Parker-p, NS-g, Stan Greig-d. Unissued (from Turner dg).
> The Lyttelton dg same, but Jim Bray-sb listed instead of a guitar player.
> And it is a Wednesday.
> Dürr gives "poss. Wally Fawkes, cl", Freddy Legon or NS, g; poss. Bray-sb,
> Spike Holmes, sb, poss. Colin Bowden, d.
> Holmes-sb is on Ain't M & Royal G.
> Location: Muswell Hill, north London. All 6 titles listed as Acetate.
> Added is a NOTE:
> "It is not clear on which tracks Fawkes plays.
> The acetates are in Spike Holmes's possession.
> These recordings were to have been issued on Dobell's '77' label, but Lyttelton
> refused to allow that for contractual reasons."
> ---
> Do you hear a 2nd tp?
> han enderman
Thanks Han. Muswell Hill is just a few minutes away from where I live! 
Don't know about Richardsons Recording Rooms. I can't say that I hear a 
second trumpet. Christie clearly is playing valve trombone. I see that 
he died in 1980, which was about the time I acquired the disc. I wonder 
if it came from his collection?

      Julian Vein

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