[78-L] Albert Nicholas

Han Enderman jcenderman at solcon.nl
Sat Nov 9 07:19:34 PST 2013

I do not know if it is in the Nicholas dg, and it is not in the Bielderman JRTD dg.

The last 4 titles are in the Collectors Items 1985 Lyttelton dg by Purser et al., and
in the Clutten-Purser-Bielderman Bruce Turner dg (2000).
All 6 in Klaus-Uwe Dürr's Nicholas dg (1995).

Recorded at Richardsons Recording Rooms, London 4 Jan 1956.
Personnel HL-tp, KC-tb, AN-cl, WF-cl, BT-as, Paul Simpson-bar, 
Johnny Parker-p, NS-g, Stan Greig-d. Unissued (from Turner dg).

The Lyttelton dg same, but Jim Bray-sb listed instead of a guitar player.
And it is a Wednesday.

Dürr gives "poss. Wally Fawkes, cl", Freddy Legon or NS, g; poss. Bray-sb,
Spike Holmes, sb, poss. Colin Bowden, d.
Holmes-sb is on Ain't M & Royal G.
Location: Muswell Hill, north London. All 6 titles listed as Acetate.
Added is a NOTE: 
"It is not clear on which tracks Fawkes plays. 
The acetates are in Spike Holmes's possession.
These recordings were to have been issued on Dobell's '77' label, but Lyttelton
refused to allow that for contractual reasons."
Do you hear a 2nd tp?

han enderman

>>> I have a white label 12" LP of Albert Nicholas. The personnel typed on 
the label is:

Nicholas, Humphrey Lyttleton, Keith Christie, Wally Fawkes, Neville 
Skrimshire, Bruce Turner & unknown baritone, piano, 2nd trumpet, string 
bass & drums. I suspect John R.T. Davies may have been involved in 
recording and, possibly, playing on it.

side 1:
I've Found A New Baby
Rose Room

side 2:
Ain't Misbehavin'
Royal Garden Blues
High Society

It's not listed in Lord 10.0. Is it in the Gerard Bielderman Nicholas disco?

       Julian Vein
> Wally Fawkes
Many of those boys were English. Looking for life intersections, I see 
that Wally Fawkes was in a band called the "George Webb Dixielanders" 
from 1947 until early '48, then formed their own band until 1956. 
Lyttelton and he rubbed elbows during that time. I see no obvious 
intersection with Albert Nicholas, though Nicholas headed for France in 
the early 50's as did so many others seeking the Dixieland revivalist 
movement in Paris during the post war years. Maybe the merged in England 
or France.

Skrimshire would easily fit this scenario.

At any rate, sounds European and early 50's.

Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr.

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