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Marcel/Cecilia emmike at idirect.com
Wed Nov 6 03:47:54 PST 2013

Bilingualism only became entrenched in 1969 under Pierre Trudeau. Too 
late for the 78's.


On 2013-11-06 6:38 AM, rjh334578gmail wrote:
> The discussion of Canadian discs prompts me to ask...
> All my scroll Victors and many later ones have Spanish-ized titles
> which I have always assumed was for simple crossdistribution in
> Mexico.  This sure predates the current US fad of subtitling
> everything in Spanish and leads me to consider the Canadian issues.
> I'm a litttle suprised the Canadian ones do not have French
> subtitles.  Any idea why?  They've been big on having everything
> bilingual in French Canadia for as long as they've been on the map, at
> least in my lifetime living near the border as a kid and getting lots
> of Canadian coins in change.  Also begs the question why the Columbias
> which were distributed there didn't sport the subtitles in French.
> Any ideas?
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