[78-L] V-Disc dewarping

Mark Bardenwerper citrogsa at charter.net
Tue Oct 29 19:44:16 PDT 2013

On 10/29/2013 7:58 PM, Glenn Longwell wrote:
> I picked up about 15 V-discs this past weekend, all are warped to where they have to be flattened to listen to.
> I know this is a controversial subject about using an oven.  I've used an oven on 78s quite successfully for hundreds of discs (probably more than a 1000 actually) of varying ages and compositions, even laminated ones people say it doesn't work for.  If it was only a couple I can potentially see using the glass method which is much slower.  However, I've never tried it due to the amount I've had to deal with and I'd be a couple hundred years old before I was done flattening all of them.  For the V-discs, however, these are the vinyl pressings.  Has anyone ever tried flattening these using an oven method?  I'm concerned these will turn wavey like an lp left in the sun.  Not sure how different the composition is from a modern lp.  I have flattened 1950s 78s that appeared to be vinyl with no ill effect.  However, unless someone tells me otherwise I'll resort to the glass method.
I accidentally found a very affective and simple way to straighten 
records last week. I left a warped record under a huge book on top of my 
entertainment center. One night, I left the video screen on and shut the 
doors. The heat warmed the top of the cabinet sufficiently to nicely 
straighten the record. This was a Varsity 10".

A more purposed way to do it would be to set a strong lamp under a piece 
of wood with the record laying on top covered by a large heavy book for 
several hours.

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