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So the well-worn tale about Chick adopting Ella is pure fiction, yes??

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> According to Ella Fitzgerald: The Chick Webb Years And Beyond by Ron  
> Fritts and Ken Vail, 2003:
> 4/21/32 moves to Harlem
> 1933-1934 at New York State Training School For Girls, runs away
> 1934 homeless in Harlem
> 11/21/34 wins Amateur Night at Apollo
> first week of 3/35 is introduced to Chick Webb
> 3/8/35 Ella's first tryout performance with Webb's band happens to  
> be for a "white college crowd" in Connecticut and and she is well  
> received
> At the 1930 census Ella was not living with her mother, she was  
> living in Yonkers with a family of the last name Corri, in a  
> neighborhood where many people were "Neg[ro]," many were "W[hite],"  
> and many spoke Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish. (At the 1920 census  
> she was living with her parents, a transfer wagon driver and a  
> laundress, in Newport News.)
> BTW those are easily some of the best recordings Ella ever made imo.  
> Ellis Larkins.
> Joseph Scott
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