[78-L] M-W discog listing

Peter Fraissinet pf13 at cornell.edu
Sun Oct 13 05:48:12 PDT 2013

a few more MW pairings (A-side/B-side)
4928	Hutchens Brothers	I'm Drifting Back To Dreamland / Down The Lane To Home Sweet Home
4935	Blue Ridge Mountain Girls	Memories Of That Silver Haired Daddy / There's A Mother Always Waiting
4941	Ken Card		Will Rogers, Your Friend And My Friend / The Last Flight Of Wiley Post
4944	Manhattan Quartette / Martin, Asa	Casey Jones / An Old Fashioned Picture Of Mother
4960	Wanner & White	That Little Boy Of Mine / Little Old Church In The Valley
4964	Jackson County Barn Owls / Miller & Burnett	I Wonder How The Old Folks Are At Home / Twenty-One Years
4967	Tex Ritter		Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle / The Oregon Trail
4986	Geo. E. Logan	Will The Roses Bloom In Heaven? / By The Ozark Trail
4989	Walter C. Peterson		Red Wing - My Little Girl - Turkey In The Straw / After The Ball - Peek A Boo - In the Good Old Summertime
>Okay... I need a list of Montgomery-Ward issues 4910 - 5030 WITH side designations. 

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