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Below is a list of FAX releases.  Any additions, corrections appreciated.

I would particularly like details/scans of 108N Beatrice Kay

Anyone know if 1002 and 1013 were issued?

Best wishes, Thomas.


	7" EP samplers:
FAXEP-A		ADAM Stag Party Special Preview
FAXEP-B		Wild Party Songs Preview
FAXEP-c		Wild Service Songs Preview

	7" LP/8mm film/color slides/booklet
2201		Bachelor Tom Peeping
2202		Call Surftide 77
2203		Once Upon A Knight

        FAX LP's:

FAXLP	FX	Title	Performer	Series

      100N series - nude covers
101N		Hal Masters Funny Side Of The Street
102N		Seduction Bachelor Style Volume I	       Strand SL-1019	LAFF A-1023   LOBO 102C
103N		Beryl Williams - Giggles for Guzzlers
104N		Betty Ross
105N		Herb Eden
107N		Kay Martin At Las Vegas
108N		Beatrice Kay			??????????

1000 Series some also as 1xxxN with Nude cover
6000 Series have Nude cover

1001	8001	EROTICA 1: The Rhythms of Love		Fax Specialty Series
1002		???????
1003	8002	EROTICA 2: Songs of EroticaPassion, Pain & Pleasure		Fax Specialty Series
		Come a fol dol diddle --
		The next is me --
		How can I keep my maidenhead --
		A good-natured lass --
		Nine inch will please a lady --
		To come down --
		Uptails all --
		After the marriage --
		A hole to hide it in --
		A longing desire --
		A virgin maid --
		Would you do that --
		Character of a mistress --
		Ruffle the muff --
		My thing is my own --
		Old fumbler --
		Lift my dress --
		No hair on it --
		Jingle bangs jingle --
		The farmer's daughter --
		Under the bed was he.

1004	6000	Stories for Sex Minded Males	Buzzy Greene	ADAM Stag Party Special 5
1005	6001	I Know What He Wants for Xmas	Kay Martin
1006	6002	Stories Mother Never Told	Buzzy Greene	ADAM Stag Party Special 1
1007	8003	Sex Is My Business		Special Release Record
1008	6004	The Erotic Delights of Lady C (Lady Chatterly)
1009	6005	Nights of Love in Lesbos		            Erotica Series 5
1010		Unexpurgates Songs of Erotica	Frank Purslow, John Pearce	FOLKLORE  F-LEUT/1  LAFF A-5006
		  The Bold Astrologer
		  The Tailor's Breeches
		  Monday Morning
		  The Bunch of Nuts
		  Blow The Candle Out
		  The Bosun and the Tailor
		  Chilbridge Fair
		  The Crabfish
		  The Friar in the Well
		  The Squire and the Chambermaid
		  Rag Fair
		  Young Ramble-Away
		  The Sailor's Frolic
		  The Sailor Cut Down
		  Whistle Daughter Whistle
		  The Butcher and the Parson
		  The Shoemaker's Kiss

1011	6006	Songs for Adults Only	       Terri O'Mason	      ADAM Stag Party Special 2
1012	6007	Shocking Humor of	       Bert Henry	                  ADAM Stag Party Special 3
1013		???????
1014	6008	Back for Seconds	       Terri O"Mason	            ADAM Stag Party Special 4
1015	6009	Hollywood's Most Intimate Smoker Stories  MISTER "X"	ADAM Stag Party Special 6

2001	6010	Saturday Night Riot		Wild Party Songs 1
		The girls from campus hall --
		Charlotte the harlot --
		The bastard king of England --
		A gob is a slob --
		The Texas boys --
		Don't call me --
		Gee but I wanna go home --
		Pinto pony --
		The keyhole in the door --
		The jolly tailor --
		Come tie my root --
		Roll me over --
		Erie Canal --
		Bang away Lulu.

2002	6011	Off Limits		Wild Service Songs 2
		Miss V.D. of Guam --
		They'll drive you crazy --
		I wanna go home --
		Merry men are we --
		Our first piece of tail --
		Movin' on --
		The goddamn reserves --
		Old Smokey was blue --
		Barnacle Bill --
		The fighter pilots --
		Bless them all --
		Guantanamo Bay --
		Shanghai in the fall --
		Who won the war.

2003	6012	Spice After Hours		Wild Party Songs    3
		  Squire of Great Renown
		  The Young Sailor
		  In Abilene
		  Passengers Will Please Refrain
	  	  Harlot of Jerusalem
		  Little Ball of Yarn
		  My Love is a Rider
		  Roll Your Leg Over   /
		  Blinded by Turds
		  Bell Bottom Trousers
		  Hark Well What I Do Say
		  How We Set Sail
		  Poor Little Angeline
		  Blow The Man Down

2004	6013	Further Off Limits		Wild Service Songs 4
		I wanted wings --
		Honey, oh baby mine --
		Frig the flying fortress --
		Kiss the Louie's brass --
		What a hell of a way to die --
		Wine, women and V.D. --
		Take her down --
		Roll me over --
		We won't forget Korea --
		It's a shame the whole world over --
		There was a pilot of renown --
		Mine eyes are dim --
		The freaking fusileers --
		Destroyer life --
		Have a baby on me.

2005	6014	A Night in Badlam		Wild Party Songs    5
		Get along home Cindy --
		Man in the Moon --
		A baby that's not my own --
		Her cuckoo's nest --
		You're a liar --
		Hills of West Virginia --
		Cats on the rooftops --
		Son-Of-A-Gun Colombo --
		The frigate --
		Tom Bolynn --
		Poor Lillian --
		Sheik of Arabie --
		The Good Ship Venus --
		Go out and hustle.

2006	6015	Sin Along With Us-Volume 4		Wild Party Songs    6
		A1 Black-Eyed Susie
		A2 The Wedding
		A3 Her Promised Land
		A4 Nothing at All
		A5 Winnipeg Whore
		A6 Two Sweet Maidens
		A7 Nobody Knew They Were There
		B1 Who Do You Last Night
		B2 Sweet Violets
		B3 I Did But I Don't Any More
		B4 The Grocer's Wife
		B5 The Money Rolls In
		B6 Ring Ding Doo
		B7 Sweet Little

3001	6016	Uncensored Humor of Bert Henry	Bert Henry
3002	6017	Position is Everything         	Bert Henry
3003	6018	Bert Henry In The Raw	            Bert Henry
3004	6019	Bert Henry At The Hungry Thigh	Bert Henry
3005	6020	The Hard Way	                  Bert Henry
3006	8004	Stu Gilliam at the Basin St. West	Stu Gilliam
3007	8005	Wild Wicked Humor of Stu Gilliam	Stu Gilliam

5201		The Ballad of Fanny Hill	      Julie Hamilton
	6021	The Ballad of Fanny Hill  Part 1	Julie Hamilton
	5022	The Ballad of Fanny Hill  Part 2	Julie Hamilton
		A Truth, Naked Truth
		  Alive, Alive, Oh!
		  Laden With Maiden
		  Lewd Lascivious Phoebe
		B Charles
		  Emily's Tale
		C Harriet's Tale
		  Louise's Tale
		  Twice A Virgin
		  Gentlemen of Nobility
		  Beat Me Laddie
		D At The Masked Ball
		  Paramour of Pleasure
		  Charles Reprise
		  One Love Is All Love

	6003	Bawdy Ballads			Crown 5219/233  1961	Crown 5532/532  1967
		SIDE 2

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Hi Thomas --

I checked our vaults for the Crown records, but we don't have the ones you are interested in.

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Hi Daniel,
  Looks like your reply addresses need correcting - replies go directly to you, not the ARSCLIST......

Thanks for the information.
There are a couple of CROWN albums which have the exact same track list.
Was CROWN connected to APEX or is this licensed ???

CLP-5219/CST-233 - Naughty Sing-A-Long Party - Sing-A-Long Gang [1961]
CLP-5532/CST 532 - More Bar Room Singing                        [1967]
 A Roving/Black Eyed Suzzie/Poor Lil/No Hips At All/Gentle Johnny My Jingle O/The Chandler's Wife/Blow Candles Out/  Frankie And
Johnnie/Sweet Violets/Ta Ra Ra Boom De-A/It's The Same World Over/Mimi The College Widow/Foggie Foggie Dew

I would be interested to know if FAX FX 6003 Bawdy Ballads
  (the 6000 series had nude jacket cover photos) was from another FAX (non-nude cover) release.?????

Thanks, Thomas.

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There's a track listing (without performers) at


Dan Blazek

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1. What is FAX FAXLP 1002 ????

2. FAX FX 6003  BAWDY BALLADS - does anyone have a track list and performer credits???

3. STRAND SL 1019  BRYCE BOND's Bachelor Apartment - anyone have a date for this issue?
   was reissued on LAFF A-5023 (date?)
   If you have the LAFF version, does it contain a stamper number or anything
   on the label indicating it may have been released on FAX ??????????

Best wishes, Thomas.

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