[78-L] ^check those junk LPs - Judge Sam Davis Tatum

Rodger Holtin rjh334578 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 28 10:36:45 PDT 2013

Not on 78 - hence the ^ in the subject (Is there a list like ours for LP collectors?)

Failing any knowledge of that, I have a friend looking for a Lp of Judge Sam Davis Tatum who was a Juvenile System Judge in Tennessee a few/several decades ago.  He gave a speech somewhere that was captured on tape and pressed as a long play album, probably a fund-raiser.  My friend would like to hear it again and probably use some of the thoughts for his own presentation on the current juvenile work he's doing.  He's found the text online but says the printed version is not the same as the audio - a situation that sounds familiar to any 78 collector, hence back on topic.  

Any help appreciated

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