[78-L] Film of Ann Stephens recording for HMV in 1945

Harold Aherne leotolstoy_75 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 8 15:14:28 PDT 2013

Here's a film of 13-year-old Ann Stephens in the HMV studios in 1945, making records for children:
Clicking "View as Stills" will display images from various points in the film, including a close-up of the recording blank. Do the esteemed members of 78-L think it looks more like wax or lacquer (or the compromise between the two, flowed wax)? The thickness suggest a cast wax blank, but the images aren't clear enough to be sure where the blank ends and the turntable/other apparatus begins.

Also of interest is a German film from 1949 that shows a tape master being transferred to wax for plating:

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