[78-L] Gene Autry Okeh set

Jack Raymond jraymond at alumni.princeton.edu
Wed Aug 7 13:02:29 PDT 2013

Joe Knox wrote:
> What are the catalog numbers of  the records [in Okeh Set K-1]? The
 > original Vocalion numbers, or four 5xxx- (above 5622) or 6xxx-series
 > numbers in sequence as one would expect in an album set? Do the
 > labels sport "K 1-<side number>" left of the hole, again as would be
 > expected? If the original issue numbers were used, and no album
 > number is present on labels, it represents the only instance I've
 > ever encountered of a "Decca-style" reissue from CBS; very curious!

The labels show the same numbers as the earlier Vocalion issues -- no 
"K-1" or side numbers.

Mike Biel wrote:
> And Jack, while you are at it,  can you get out your copy Conqueror
 > set 5987 Ballads of the West Sung by Gene Autry which I seem to
 > remember was the confirmation of the four Conqueror records in the
 > set.  I am missing one of them and didn't print out our discussion
 > at the time.  The three discs I have are 8629, 8968, and 9388.
Cary Ginell beat me to it.  As he says, it's  9389 -- Goodbye Little 
Darlin' Goodbye and When I'm Gone You'll Soon Forget.

-- Jack Raymond

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