[78-L] Is it really rarest blues record?

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"Grandma Blues" is clearly some made-up bullshit and not Willie Brown.  If you actually pay attention to the lyrics of "M & O" or the song on the other side, "Future Blues," and compare, it's pretty obvious that "Grandma" is not of the same period.

Plenty of people have covered "M & O Blues." It's not that difficult, certainly not the hardest Delta Blues tune to play.  Have you ever tried to play it or Future Blues?  I play both, and they're more interesting than most standard 12-bar blues tunes.  It's also worth pointing out that this music was designed to accompany dancing.  To some extent, the music is intentionally repetitive.

To each his own.  



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> Subject: [78-L] Is it really rarest blues record?
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> > http://www.goldminemag.com/features/willie-brown-where-are-you
> OK, this was from 2 1/2 years ago.  There is a hilarious series of
> comments under somebody's live performance of what he says is one of the
> missing songs which he or his uncle or somebody has. 
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5F9xhKLJbXs#sthash.Wq5nbhvO.dpuf 
> The comments seem to come to a head "four months ago", so maybe
> Tefteller has them now (???)  But what I find interesting is the Willie
> Brown record that does exist and is posted. 
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WREOMLH2uI
> It seems very pedestrian and ordinary to me, not like what is said in
> the article that nobody can play in his distinctive guitar style. To me,
> blues like this is as unimaginative musically as rap is -- just
> repeating the same non-melodious rhythm over and over and over ad over
> and over, etc. The nonsense lyrics of the missing song "Grandma Blues"
> that is printed there could have been written by any simpleton, either
> in 1930 or 2011 -- we could have a contest here to write our own lyrics
> to this or the other "missing" songs.  Melody doesn't matter -- they're
> all the same.
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