[78-L] Bing's Lacquer, WAS Diamond Dick? attn Julian

Michael Biel mbiel at mbiel.com
Mon Aug 5 16:37:45 PDT 2013

Uh guys, we're talking about Sept 1931. It wasn't a lacquer -- they
arrived in 1934.  If you check in any discography you find that it was
recorded by Victor on a 33 wax plus two 78 waxes and pressings were
made.  A middle section was either not recorded or is missing.  Brian
Rust once again confused the issue by not including the matrix prefixes.
 What dl has must be  later dub.  I have several different tapes with
and without the opening KHJ time check, and I have never been able to
find what the source discs were. Does the lacquer contain the middle
Why Victor recorded the New York first broadcast out in California (they
have P in the orefix) is not explained in the session ledger sheet. 

The Cremo programs from later in 1931 and early 1932 are uncoated
aluminums.  There was one program where one of the discs was missing for
many decades and then showed up!

Mike Biel  mbielk at mbiel.com  

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From: "Sammy Jones" <sjones69 at bellsouth.net>
> Ahem...some how I missed this. You can't just drop a tidbit about
> a lacquer of the first Bing show and let it hang there! More details,
> please Mr. Lennick!   Sammy Jones

From: David Lennick <dlennick at sympatico.ca>
>> In the same batch, a lacquer of the common first Bing Crosby program
>> with a time check and more from Von Zell than I've heard in other copies.
>> dl

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