[78-L] '39 Worlds Fair souvenir record

Mark Bardenwerper citrogsa at charter.net
Thu Jul 25 18:55:57 PDT 2013

On 7/25/2013 8:18 AM, Han Enderman wrote:
> Such a record in envelope was on ebay late 2011 and I saved its 3 images.
> The envelope says:
> An RCA Victor Phonogram //
> A Souvenir of the / RCA Victor Exhibit / New York World's Fair 1940
> There is a receipt present, $1.35 + 0.03c tax = $1.38.
> The record plays Schubert's Ave Maria, dated 9/3/40.
> I assume it was possible to record your own voice or pianistics.
> Will mail you the images.
> Did Victor use the name Phonogram elsewhere?
> RCA Victor Home Recording Records are named so on the labels,
> and I have an image of the sleeve which says
> "Victor Record Blank for Home Recording"
> han enderman
> ===
> I just digitized a 10" metal based lacquer, an RCA home recording disk.
> It's label says that it is a souvenir of the 1939 Worlds Fair.  Anyone know
> how much it cost to cut the disk?  Was it done in the RCA building of the
> Fair?  There's a pianist and a vocalist on one side and just the vocalist on
> the other.  Any info will be much appreciated.
I remember my grandmother saying there was a kiosk where you could make 
aluminum disks. I suppose it is possible that for a bit more you could 
get lacquers. But they were supposedly just private voice recordings 
think. I wonder how these were presented?

There and everywhere in those days, music was such an integral part of 
entertainment and advertising media. From what I understand, partially 
because the depression, a huge number of bands and musical groups were 
hired to work the fair. I know Lou Breese was hired to do radio and live 

I have a transcription of a promotional broadcast in which they play a 
number of tunes for the grand American Jubilee, perhaps the largest 
stage show ever presented, one being "Tennessee Fish Fry." They also did 
"Come To The Fair," which were later on the Varsity Label.

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