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I remember as a child seeing a movie called "Blue Gardenia" and the only thing I remember about it is a shot of what I believe was a Batwing labelled record playing at one point.


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>A genuine Canadian batwing label turns up in "Atlantic City", where it 
>shouldn't have. The film was shot in Canada and the set dresser didn't know the 
>difference. And a mock Canadian batwing (complete with reference to being made 
>in Canada) shows up in Woody Allen's "Zelig" (the Helen Kane song done by Mae 
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>> In Cecil B. DeMille's WHY CHANGE YOUR WIFE? (1920) there are shots of two actual batwing Victor issues: 35642, Louis Moreau Gottschalk's "The Dying Poet" played by the Victor Concert Orchestra, symbolizing the staid, "proper" tastes of Gloria Swanson, and 18507, Wallace&  Weeks' fox-trot "Hindustan" played by Joseph C. Smith's Orchestra, symbolizing "jazzy" Bebe Daniels.  (Bebe Daniels' sofa in that film is also a wonder: one of the arms opens to reveal a phonograph, the other opens into a drinks table.  A real piece of furniture at the time, mind you.) PCC
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>> I'd mentioned this before,but in the 1960 Richard Carlson movie "Tormented",there was a 78 rpm record in his record player with a batwing design called "M-B".The song playing was "Tormented" sung by on "Vi Mason" which was actually sung by Juli Redding,who played the part of Carlsons's girlfriend in the movie.He kills her off by making sure she falls off a defective railing on an old,abandoned lighthouse he was meeting her at while he was in the process of marrying some socialite.He gets his in the end of the movie by falling out the window of the church he is about to get married in and winds up dead next to the girlfriend/singer he dumped.I saw the movie years later on DVD.My late brother was 5 when it came out and we saw it at the now defunct Egyptain Theatre in Coos Bay,Oregon.This was the only example of a batwing label I remember seeing in a movie.My late
>> brother referred to the movie for years as "Vi,The Ghost".I gave him the DVD shortly before his death in 2010.He was 55.
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>> Victor scrolls are seen in SPRING FEVER (1927) and THE CROWD (1928).
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>> Another sighting of a record with a
>> batwing label..was there an unwritten rule
>> that every record seen in a film had to have a batwing
>> label? What's really odd
>> in this case is that the record is Cherokee, by Charlie
>> Barnet, and the label
>> says BLUEBIRD across the top..but it still has a batwing
>> design. The film is
>> "Jam Session" (1944).
>> dl
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