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As far as I know, it was the only symphony recording to have been done at 33 
and not at 78. And it's one of the worst sounding ones...15 minutes a side, too 
squeezed for a twelve inch disc. Victor also recorded some Gilbert and Sullivan 
productions with a Chicago (I think) group that had no 78 equivalents.

Let's see if I can find the ARSC issues (online) with the 33rpm matrices for 
this period:


You'll have to turn your head sideways to read them (okay, you can also print 
them out). The Scriabin recordings are right at the beginning of the second 
article. Note that the matrix numbers skip 2 each time, indicating that there 
are 2 78 sides and 1 lp side for each grouping. I'd say they were recorded 


On 7/20/2013 11:24 PM, DAVID BURNHAM wrote:
> I think it was quite common for RCA to package 78 album sets onto those Transcriptions, one that comes to mind is Pable Casal's recording of Beethoven's 4th Symphony.  I thought that the special significance of Stokowski's Beethoven 5th was that it was recorded especially for the LP and was one of the few recorded in that fashion.
> db
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>> Any chance that it was recorded on film? Some Stokowski performances were done
>> that way and dubbed to disc. I believe "The Raven" was one.
>> Some performances had to have been recorded simultaneously on 78 and 33
>> masters. Paul Whiteman's "Grand Canyon Suite" pauses midway in two of the
>> movements exactly where the 78 sides end and the 78 pickup sides have long
>> lead-ins.
>> Sounds like an interesting book:
>> http://www.mainspringpress.com/book_rec30.html
>> dl
>> On 7/20/2013 10:53 PM, DAVID BURNHAM wrote:
>>> I wondered on the list a few days ago if the Scriabin "Poem of Ecstacy" and "Poem of Fire" may have been recorded from a continuous performance.  I've been reading the book "Recording the Thirties" and have just read that that was indeed the case.  Dave Lennick, of course, guessed accurately that it was recorded for the RCA 33 1/3 rpm Transcription recordings in 1932.  Now I'm curious to know if it was recorded concurrently with the Transcription or dubbed from the Transcription, (the sound isn't the greatest even for 1932).  David Hall, who couldn't get his head around Scriabin anyway, also commented about the poor sound.
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