[78-L] Length of jazz recordings

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Really interesting aspect of recording sessions!

But, were all recordings from 1939 recorded only on 16" cutter, and later 
dub to 78 rpm master lacquer discs? I think I've read somewhere that there 
were simultaneous cutter machines running - and that 16" were backup only?

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> On another related subject. When 78s started to be dubbed off 16" discs,
> surely that must've had some effect on musicians? With "pure" 78s, if
> the musicians goofed they had to restart the recording process, and put
> on a fresh wax to cut. Obviously this took a little time, and must've
> created some edginess in the musicians. When they started using 16"
> discs, some of the pressure would've been off. It would be similar to
> recording on tape. If a musician played a clanger, they could just stop
> and start again.
> Again, did musicians ever comment on this aspect of recording?
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