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And BMI came into being because the broadcasters were anticipating trouble with 
ASCAP. I think there had been one local ASCAP ban in Chicago sometime in the 
late 30s..not something I've ever read about, but the late Jeff Healey once 
referred to it on a radio program.

At least one transcription company, Lang-Worth, used a different colored label 
to indicate non-ASCAP material (and had Fats Waller record a whole bunch of 
jazzed up classics and folk tunes).


On 7/9/2013 4:42 PM, Ray Kilcoyne wrote:
> I had always thought the reason for so many pop tunes from classics around
> this time ('39. '40, '41) was the founding of BMI.  In order for the new
> corporation to compete with the established ASCAP, they drew on these
> classical themes and also Latin American tunes that were not licensed yet in
> the U.S.
> RayK
> From: David Lennick
> Also HERE COMES THE NIGHT..like The Things I Love, adapted from
> Tchaikovsky's
> "Melodie". The ASCAP ban was partly responsible for the adaptations from the
> classics, but they'd existed well before that.
> dl
> On 7/9/2013 4:11 PM, Ray Kilcoyne wrote:
>> Here's a short list I compiled years ago.  I know nothing about classical
>> music.  Corrections appreciated.
>> ON THE ISLE OF MAY - Connee Boswell - from Tchaikovsky's String Quartet in
>> D Major Andante Cantabile Movement
>> MOON LOVE - Glenn Miller and Ray Eberle - Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony,
>> 2nd Movement
>> OUR LOVE - Jimmy Dorsey&   Bob Eberly - from Tchaikovsky's Romeo&   Juliette
>> THE THINGS I LOVE - Jimmy Dorsey&   Bob Eberly or Jan Savitt or Gene
>> Krupa - from Tchaikovsky's Melody Opus 42 #3
>> TONIGHT WE LOVE - Freddy Martin&   Clyde Rogers - from Tchaikovsky's Piano
>> Concerto in B Flat
>> RayK
>> From: Dan Van Landingham
>> Your discussion on borrowed-stolen music themes reminds me of a 1941
>> Bluebird Jan Savitt 78 I have on a 33 called "The Things I Love" with a
>> vocal by Allan DeWitt.I first heard it in the late '70s and didn't give it
>> much thought until I heard the melody in a string quartet piece years
>> later.I believe it was by Tschaikovsky.I've heard several Tschaikovsky
>> themes show up in so called "pop music" recordings of the '40s.I have bad
>> version of Tschaikovsky's "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fair" by Larry Clinton
>> done under the title of "Bounce of the Candy Fairy".I can't remember the
>> title of the other side,but it was a good tune and if it weren't for
>> that,I
>> would have broken the record just out of respect for Tschaik-
>> kovsky.Les Brown's "Everybody's Making Money But Tschaikowsky" was another
>> matter:I saw that one by Spike Jones and his City Slickers in a junk store
>> but never bought it.I can't remember if it was on Victor or Bluebird.There
>> was a nice,dancable version of his "Pathetique" symphony I had on OKeh,but
>> I
>> don't remember if it was Les Brown or from other band like Frankie
>> Masters.It was a nice record.I once tried to write a set of lyrics to
>> it:they went something like,"Forever,I will give my love to you...."That
>> was
>> some 30+ years ago for a woman I was madly in lust over.She was HOT.
>> __________________________________

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