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I had always thought the reason for so many pop tunes from classics around 
this time ('39. '40, '41) was the founding of BMI.  In order for the new 
corporation to compete with the established ASCAP, they drew on these 
classical themes and also Latin American tunes that were not licensed yet in 
the U.S.
From: David Lennick
Also HERE COMES THE NIGHT..like The Things I Love, adapted from 
"Melodie". The ASCAP ban was partly responsible for the adaptations from the
classics, but they'd existed well before that.


On 7/9/2013 4:11 PM, Ray Kilcoyne wrote:
> Here's a short list I compiled years ago.  I know nothing about classical 
> music.  Corrections appreciated.
> ON THE ISLE OF MAY - Connee Boswell - from Tchaikovsky's String Quartet in 
> D Major Andante Cantabile Movement
> MOON LOVE - Glenn Miller and Ray Eberle - Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony, 
> 2nd Movement
> OUR LOVE - Jimmy Dorsey&  Bob Eberly - from Tchaikovsky's Romeo&  Juliette
> THE THINGS I LOVE - Jimmy Dorsey&  Bob Eberly or Jan Savitt or Gene 
> Krupa - from Tchaikovsky's Melody Opus 42 #3
> TONIGHT WE LOVE - Freddy Martin&  Clyde Rogers - from Tchaikovsky's Piano 
> Concerto in B Flat
> RayK
> From: Dan Van Landingham
> Your discussion on borrowed-stolen music themes reminds me of a 1941
> Bluebird Jan Savitt 78 I have on a 33 called "The Things I Love" with a
> vocal by Allan DeWitt.I first heard it in the late '70s and didn't give it
> much thought until I heard the melody in a string quartet piece years
> later.I believe it was by Tschaikovsky.I've heard several Tschaikovsky
> themes show up in so called "pop music" recordings of the '40s.I have bad
> version of Tschaikovsky's "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fair" by Larry Clinton
> done under the title of "Bounce of the Candy Fairy".I can't remember the
> title of the other side,but it was a good tune and if it weren't for 
> that,I
> would have broken the record just out of respect for Tschaik-
> kovsky.Les Brown's "Everybody's Making Money But Tschaikowsky" was another
> matter:I saw that one by Spike Jones and his City Slickers in a junk store
> but never bought it.I can't remember if it was on Victor or Bluebird.There
> was a nice,dancable version of his "Pathetique" symphony I had on OKeh,but 
> I
> don't remember if it was Les Brown or from other band like Frankie
> Masters.It was a nice record.I once tried to write a set of lyrics to
> it:they went something like,"Forever,I will give my love to you...."That 
> was
> some 30+ years ago for a woman I was madly in lust over.She was HOT.
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