[78-L] Japanese Victors by Nat Shilkret

J. E. Knox rojoknox at metroeast.org
Sat Jun 8 12:07:36 PDT 2013

Greetings from FixitLand!

Have stumbled upon two Japanese Victors (52535 and 52536) on YouBoob, labeled as by "The Victor Orchestra of America conducted by N. Shilkret":

52535  Ginza no Yanagi (mx 4753)/Manshu Koshinkyoku (4754)
52536  Tokyo Koshinkyoku/Shin Gion Kouta [can't make out mx nos., looks like same session]

Nothing yet found in EDVR...they sound like US recordings, circa 1927-29 or so, though Japanese Victor matrix numbers appear on the labels. Anyone have specific data on these?


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