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Malcolm Rockwell malcolm at 78data.com
Mon May 20 12:35:44 PDT 2013

Wait a sec. I believe these may have been pressed by Gennett c. 1926. 
The numbers you show as matrix numbers would actually be Gennett issue 
numbers (20194 A/B, not as you indicate - recheck the labels) assigned 
to the Gennett Personal series. The masters seem to have been from an 
outside source - I have found no indication they were recorded by 
Gennett. The typeface for the credits look like Gennetts, though, and 
20194 A/B fills in a hole in the personal series listing.


On 5/20/2013 8:26 AM, Han Enderman wrote:
> I have only scans of 100-A/B, however with dark blue label, with following label info:
> Label name: The Stamps Record
> Logo (at 12 over staff): Stamps Music Co.
> At bottom: The V.O. Stamps Music Co. / Jacksonville, Texas / Chattanooga, Tennessee
> Performers are Stamps Quartette, mxs 20154-A & 20194-B.
> Both titles composed by J.R. Baxter, Jr.
> Not in Gart's ARLD.
> This record was at some time on the Venerable Music auction site, with scans:
> https://www.vmauctions.com/items/item_details.php?id=6508&ItemType=Auctions
> Rodger, can you mail me label images of your records?
> At least the name Stamps Quartet is different !
> han enderman
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> [78-L] Paging any Texas label expert(s)...
> Rodger Holtin
> What is known about the STAMPS QUARTET label?  I have two, # 100 and 200, both red labels clearly state "Recorded by Sellers Co., Dallas, Texas"
> I can guess "post-war era," but any closer dating would be nice.
> Any info welcome.
> Rodger
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