[78-L] Sale on Naxos CDs - including 78 reissues

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Mon May 13 18:42:53 PDT 2013

One great gobble of grevious pyrexia this will be.

 From: Sammy Jones <sjones69 at bellsouth.net>
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Subject: [78-L] Sale on Naxos CDs - including 78 reissues

Passing along a little good news to listmembers who like to collect on CD...

Naxos is having a 20% off sale, and it includes the Historical and Nostalgia 
lines.  I've found a lot of these titles hard to get in the past in the 
States because of copyright restrictions, but didn't have any problem 
ordering a dozen or so tonight.  So, if you NEED the early Al Jolson, or 
four volumes of Fred Astaire, or Cole Porter singing his own songs, don't 

Here's a link to the sale:


Our own David Lennick has had a hand in many of these!

Sammy "I just spent 100 bucks on 78s on CD" Jones 

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