[78-L] Columbia discographies

Randy Watts rew1014 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 8 21:52:05 PDT 2013

Searching there can be a little frustrating because they haven't updated many of their index pages in quite some time. If you go to Google and search "Global Dog Productions" site for whatever record label you're interested in, things will sometimes show up there that aren't accessible directly from the website. Like this Columbia EP discography.

If there's a way to access that via their home page, I've never found it.
What a way to run a railroad...er, website.
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> How many of you knew this existed? Geoffrey Wheeler just alerted me to it.
> http://www.globaldogproductions.info/c/columbia-original-33-45-single-series.html
> The interesting thing (one of many) is that while they used different prefixes, 
> they had only one series of numbers!
> Other Columbia discographies as well (I can't find a central or home page as 
> yet).
> dl

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