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J A Hultman made dozens of recordings in Germany (for Beka), Sweden (for 
HMV and other lables) and in the US (for Columbia). He also re-released 
some of his Swedish recordings on both Victor and Columbia when in the 
US. Some of them were "personal recordings" .
The 91334 and 91335 are probably from around 1923, and could be reissues 
of recordings he made in Stockholm for Swedish HMV in May that year. 
But, as noted, he also recorded for Columbia in New York.

On 2013-03-10 01:50, Rjholtin wrote:
> Rumor persisted for years that he was a distant relative (Mom's side, methinks but could be either) but never tracked it down.  He was a friend of a great-uncle, also a Covenant church singer in Chicago.  I have exactly one of these personal Columbias, but he seems to have sold bunches of them.  Everybody else in the family had them - and tossed them instead of giving them to me.  Mine was a flea find.  I have seen a few at outrageous prices in Pennsylvania and NY and left them behind.
> I suspect the flea owners must think they are great rarities. Hence the high prices.  I wonder if they are not the most common Columbia personals ever made.  I'd like to find the CD mentioned in Wik and I think mine is the same one you just found altho it is typically missing as I keep hiding it from myself.  I'll let you know when it turns up.
> The Chautauqua Preachers Qt on Pathe is of greater interest to me as they were sung a cappella and I'm a sucker for those things.  I have one that was reissued on Perfect 11000 series.
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> On Mar 9, 2013, at 5:55 PM, Mark Bardenwerper <citrogsa at charter.net> wrote:
> On 3/9/2013 3:33 PM, Mark Bardenwerper wrote:
> I just came upon a small pile of Pathes, which seem to be common around
> here. They are all in excellent condition. I have to catalog them yet.
> They are mostly religious.
> Sleep, Baby Sleep/The Stolling Yodler, Matt Keefe 22151
> Birds At The Brook/The Song Bird Are Singing Of You, Joe Belmont 10011
> Rock Of Ages/Abide With Me, Shannon Four/Earle F. Wilde 22190
> Still, Still With Thee/The Vally Of Peace, Chautaqua Preacher's Quartet
> 20325
> Lead Me, Savior/I'm Praying For You, Earl F. Wilde 22133
> Carry Me Back To Old Virginia/A Perfect Day, Campbell& Burr/Harry
> McClaskey 29124
> I also found an ethnic record, a Columbia Gramophone that has a dark
> blue label which has in cursive, "Personal Record Specially Made for J.
> A. Hultman. One side is "Den Sista Av Jordens Dagar", 91334 and the
> other is "Jag Har Ett Hem Sa Skont, 91335. I do not see this coupling in
> the book, Ethnic Music on Records, Vol. 5 by Richard K. Spottswood.
> Anyone into these?
> A bit of research has revealed that J. A. Hultman was a Swedish
> evangelist/hymnist from the first part of the 20th century. Here is his
> story
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johannes_Alfred_Hultman
> The fold up organ (no doubt a reed organ) he used for touring is
> preserved in Chicago at the North Park College and Center for
> Scandinavian Studies
> http://www.nordicway.com/tour/?p=tour/view&id=317
> There evidently are quite a number of records on Columbia, Beka Spezial
> and Clariton
> http://yufind.library.yale.edu/yufind/Record/8062636

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