[78-L] French Pathe numbers

Han Enderman jcenderman at solcon.nl
Sat Mar 9 15:22:48 PST 2013

French Pathé (also Made in Belgium) used some release numbers several times.
For ex., in the 8000 series:

Type 1:
Etched labels, with the nrs at 8h. Sides differently numbered.
There is also a small mx.nr (the orig. cylinder nr?) at 6h, below the word Pathé.
This is the most common type of etched Pathés.
Examples 8520/8524 or 8529/8531.
For 8526/8527 see ebay 160984005074:

Type 2:
Etched labels, with release nr in a diamond below hole. 
Such records are 2-sided, with "original" nrs along rim at 8h (as in type 1).
For ex. 8619 contains 79669/70, with mxs 82954/55 (by J.M. Campbell, Scotch Comedian).
For 8902 (11'') see ebay # 160986536431:

Type 3 - paper labels.
Type 3A - Release nr at 12h:
No. 8569 = Lud Gluskin et son Jazz: Whiteman Stomp / Ramona (mxs 8707 / 8675).
Type 3B - The release nr shown twice, at left & right of hole (= at 9h & 3h):
No. 8671= JEFFRY'S JAZZ ORCH, Broadway Melody / Makin' Whoopee!.

For another (prob. later) version of a paper label see:
No. 6207 (with release nr at 3h):
but I have a scan of 6212 (Type 2 in diamond) with side nr 6367 (at 8h).

Is there a discographical practice to distinguish between these nrs/series ?
Can these label types be dated (get a date range?).

han enderman

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