[78-L] Lee Konitz question (dates 'n' more)

Julian Vein julianvein at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Mar 8 09:23:24 PST 2013

On 08/03/13 13:51, David Lennick wrote:
> Not sure if I'm missing something but I can't find "Ballad for Ruth" in that
> mess of record shop suey. Are Ballad for Ruth and These Things (These Foolish
> Things) complete on Vogue? Both cut off in mid-phrase on the Roost lp, which is
> so weird I'm not gonna bother using it anyway.
> dl
"These Foolish Things" - first one cuts off at 2.30, second one complete 
at 2.36.

      Julian Vein

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