[78-L] Approximating 78s age by physical characteristics

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Mon Mar 4 06:48:06 PST 2013

>From: David London <jusmee123 at gmail.com>

>>On 04/03/13 03:51, Michael Biel wrote:

>> Victor Red Seals were mostly single-sided until 1923, but few pop 

>> records were single sided after 1911 or 12.


>I have some early Zonophones labelled "The Twin" which look old enough 

>to be from early the 1900's.  Were they among the first double sided?  

>When did they start using both sides?


"Twins" are from Aug 1908 to May 1911. "Zonophone-The Twin" from June 

1911 to June 1920. See: 



I'm writing a series of basic guides to British labels. Winner is here:


and more will follow.


The Bell Disc show in the first image in the Winner blog is very strange.

One side is flat, but the other side has the rim raised 1/8 inch above the

playing surface. Afternoon tea could be served on it :-)

.. wes williams





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