[78-L] Oldest 78 album in your collection

Michael Biel mbiel at mbiel.com
Sun Feb 24 09:16:03 PST 2013

There were some generic storage albums being advertised in the trade
press around 1907, and Victor supplied storage albums with the VTLA
model machine around that time.  But what is more important are albums
for sets.  I have photos of the 1909 German Gramophone album for the
complete Carman.  The late Russian collector Valarie Shafooskin showed
me a similar looking album from before 1910 for recordings by the Czar's
military bands, but that might have been more of a storage album.  I
would need a better translation of my videotape.  And in 1917 HMV in
England did beautifully illustrated albums for their operetta sets. 

As for sleeves, I should be able to do a complete history at ARSC next
year 2014.  I would be interested in learning (offlist) of pre-1910
examples people might have to illustrate my research.

Mike Biel  mbiel at mbiel.com  

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Subject: [78-L] Oldest 78 album in your collection
From: Erwin Kluwer <ekluwer at gmail.com>

As always I'm always very interested in early (say pre 1910) sleeves,,

Was wondering what is your oldest record album (generic album to hold
records)....which can be more or less accurately dated (by
logos/style/other details) of course.....you have in your collection...

Best,  Erwin

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