[78-L] TOA-RECORD label from Japan

Adam Miller adam78 at clear.net.nz
Sun Feb 24 17:00:31 PST 2013

Greeting from Wellington, NZ.

It's been a while since I've posted here.

I've obtained via TradeMe (our local ebay equivalent), about 40, mainly 
pre-WW2, Japanese 78s.
Most have their original sleeves, and many still have the thin paper 
with the artist picture and various details.

I don't read Japanese so the artist and tunes are a mystery.

I can find a small amount about some of the labels via Google,
but here's a pair that have me and Google stumped...

http://www.78rpm.net.nz/78s/images/78Online/Japan Toa.jpg

http://www.78rpm.net.nz/78s/images/78Online/Japan Toa 2.jpg  (has 
additional "RECORDED IN JAPAN")*
Hopefully someone can assist with label, artist & tune details. *


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