Thomas Stern sternth at attglobal.net
Sat Feb 23 17:53:13 PST 2013

Does anyone have a copy of the SELAH JUBILEE SINGERS CD issued by P-VINE PCD-5547 (Japan) -
I need all provided discographic info.  Can you scan or photocopy for me?  THANKS!
or someone know of a reasonably priced copy for sale ?

track list:
You go and I'll go with you (2:50)
I need Jesus in my dying hour (3:00)
Dry bones (2:42)
Jesus cares (2:33)
There'll be a jubilee (2:46)
Selah gospel train (2:50)
Noah (2:35)
Standing on the highway (2:47)
Jesus, I love you (2:45)
The judgement's coming (2:47)
I opened my mouth to the Lord (2:48)
He promised to provide for me (2:45)
Jericho Road (2:53)
I will be home again (2:55)
Jezebel (2:54)
All I need is Jesus (2:48)
Going to see my Jesus (2:46)
One moment of glory (2:30)
Jesus met the woman at the well (2:41)
More faith in Jesus (2:40)
Get together with the Lord (2:38)
I want my crown (2:38)
Let the church move on (2:41)
He knows how much we can bear (2:46)
I'll be satisfied (2:10)
After awhile (2:24)

Best wishes, Thomas.

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