[78-L] Stereo Treasury Series

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Thu Jan 31 14:28:33 PST 2013

On 1/31/2013 5:24 PM, DAVID BURNHAM wrote:
> Whew..London Stereo Treasury Series. If pressed in England, OK. If pressed in
> Canada in the 70s, cut at very low levels. If pressed in the US and have yellow
> labels, frisbees. I've seen some where the label tore in the press and parts of
> it extend into the dead area.
> dl
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> I was asked to remaster a London Stereo Treasury disc, (purchased on e-bay from UK but I think it was a US pressing), and a small piece of the label had broken off and was pressed into the music area.  Obviously this could not be cleaned off or removed in any way and that part of the record couldn't be played.  I finally had to play it in segments and then glue them all together to restore the performance.
> db
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US London pressings are among the sloppiest I've ever encountered, especially 
more recent ones (70s forward). I once saw, in the Golden Oldies bin at Record 
Theatre in Buffalo, a Tom Jones 45 on Parrot with TWO large holes, one of them 
through most of the label area.


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