[78-L] Novelty records - Crepitation Contest

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Wed Jan 2 20:04:11 PST 2013

The first circulated version, as far as I know, was 2 12" discs cut and pressed 
by Victor in Canada. The CBC had a copy in their special collections and 
managed to break both discs, but not before getting me a dub. Matrix numbers 
are PR 982/5. An old CBC operator named Alf Spence told Graham Newton and me 
that he was around when it was recorded, and that it was done in CBC Studio G 
ca. 1944..he's wrong on that because Studio G didn't exist until at least a 
year later when the CBC moved from Davenport Road to Jarvis Street. The copy I 
have came from recording engineer Les Smith. Unfortunately he was DEAD when I 
acquired it, so another possible direct link in the chain was gone. I knew the 
guy who did all the voices, Sid Brown, but when I knew him in the 70s I didn't 
know he'd done that record. Another lost opportunity.

Somebody pass the cabbage..also open a window..


On 1/2/2013 10:51 PM, Glenn Longwell wrote:
> I'm not sure if it's on others like this but I have it spanning 3 10" records on Humor Records. I haven't really listened so closely to it to know what's been trimmed but it was surprising to hear it on only one 10" record since it's usually on two 12" records.
> Glenn
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> And I've seen parts of it on what appear to be a six-sided ten-inch version. By
> the way, gang, I have the penultimate..a 16-inch lacquer which is very likely
> dubbed from the original master. It's beautiful. Dr Demento played it from that
> disc last year.
> dl
> On 1/2/2013 10:27 PM, Glenn Longwell wrote:
>> I posted here a number of years ago how I've been able to find the test pressings for the Crepitation Contest as the Columbia plant was nearby where I live.  These have been on 12" records.  Then I found the Trillblow album (never released) locally as well.
>> I know this has been released on other labels but realized today, for those keeping score (David Diehl take note), that this is also on Novelty (yellow label) 105.  It's a 10" record and it's a little truncated but they fit the thing on the 2 sides.  It's titled "Sound Effects."
>> Cheers,
>> Glenn
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