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Oh God I could listen to Pattie Page sing all day whether on 78 RPM 45 RPM or even  on an LP record as I really like her singing.

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>I have a version of "Silver Bells" that she recorded in 2002. It was on a country radio sampler CD, so I don't have the original label in my database. Would have to scrounge up the CD if anyone is interested. No doubt it was a tiny Nashville-based label. That's how those things usually worked with over-the-hill artists. They almost never got back with a major label.
>Cary Ginell
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>> MY MAN FRIDAY by PP on Plantation 208 made the Billboard Country Chart in 
>> 1982.
>> RayK
>> >
>> From: Royal Pemberton
>> Even into the 1970s she was still recording.  (In fact her 1970 album
>> HONEY, COME BACK bears the catalogue number CS 9999.)
>> >
>> Donna Halper  wrote:
>> > Just heard that Patti Page died at age 85.  My recollection is she was
>> > recording in the post-78 era... my parents really loved a lot of her
>> > songs in the 1950s.

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