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I'm the same was as I collect records because I like the music & can usually care less about how rare the record is or what it might be worth on the collectors market. Still I do have some valuable records in my collection some bought for quite a bit less that any collector book value plus yes I have sought out first pressings of some of the records I have just to own them. After all it's l;ots of fun hunting down records & then listening to them.

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>To my way of thinking there are two types of collectors.  Those who collect primarily for the rarity of the artist or label, and others (like me) who are interested in the recorded content and couldn't give a fig about the label or tiresome serial numbers.  In other words, play me a toe-tapping Billy Murray, Irving Kaufman, Gene Austin or even a Peerless Quartette, and ask me if I care about the label.  But, as I say, that's just me.
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