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Malcolm Rockwell malcolm at 78data.com
Fri Dec 28 08:32:30 PST 2012

Thanks, Han.
Oops, I meant the 7500/7600 series, which was issued on the US Starr 
and/or Gennett circle label c. 1915-1917. THOSE were Vertical! The 4500 
series (c. 1918 - 1922) was lateral, as you say. That's what I get for 
trying to write from memory!
Ge 4533 looks right for the last of the circle labels.


On 12/28/2012 5:37 AM, Han Enderman wrote:
> Mal, you say:
> "I do know that many of the vertical recordings made in NYC on the (US)
> Starr label were also issued later on Gennett. And, further, that some
> of the Gennett 4500 series were issued using both the circle and the
> six-sided labels when they switched over from one design to the new one.
> Both label issues are verticals."
> But the 4500 series circle labels state LATERAL below the Gennett logo
> (see for ex. Gnt 4508 in ARLIE, type Ge I B).
> The last circle label in the 4500s known to me is 4533.
> These mention USA & Canadian prices in small font (at that time .85 & .90).
> The earliest hexagonal labels also have these 2 prices (last known 4555),
> but then this is replaced by the single price $ .85.
> han enderman
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