[78-L] Gennett recording files

Han Enderman jcenderman at solcon.nl
Fri Dec 28 07:37:29 PST 2012

Mal, you say: 
"I do know that many of the vertical recordings made in NYC on the (US) 
Starr label were also issued later on Gennett. And, further, that some 
of the Gennett 4500 series were issued using both the circle and the 
six-sided labels when they switched over from one design to the new one. 
Both label issues are verticals."
But the 4500 series circle labels state LATERAL below the Gennett logo
(see for ex. Gnt 4508 in ARLIE, type Ge I B).

The last circle label in the 4500s known to me is 4533. 
These mention USA & Canadian prices in small font (at that time .85 & .90).
The earliest hexagonal labels also have these 2 prices (last known 4555), 
but then this is replaced by the single price $ .85.

han enderman

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