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On 24/12/2012, S&R Pinsker wrote:

> Weingartner: I have a 1992 EMI References issue of the Brahms 
> Symphonies; no credit for the remastering. I get the impression
> that both EMI and RCA/BMG released  much of their 78 treasures
> on CD with only a single "press run" and then dropped them.
> Has Siegfried's Rhine Journey and Funeral Music made it to CD?
> "No, its not a defective recording. That's the way the French play
> French Horns."
> Also, 2 Handel Concerti Grossi, Haydn's Toy Symphony and the
> Liszt Piano Concertos which were on a VOX LP.
> Beecham: Which of his 4 or 5 Messiah recordings have made it to CD?
> I have most but not all of his suites of Handel arrangements. They are
> the recordings I had in in mind as not being on CD.
The stereo Messiah, on RCA, is readily available on CD. I also have the
1947 recording on Allegro CDO 1003, made in the USA. The 1927 recording
was on the Grammofono 2000 label - now hard to find at a reasonable price.

Dutton CDAX 8018 is a fairly complete collection of all the suites of
arrangements from 78s. This CD is titled "The Great Elopement".

The stereo recordings of "Love in Bath" are on EMI CDM 7 633742.

On the Somm label, SOMM-BEECHAM 7 includes the suites plus the unissued
78s of the "Piano Concerto". Somm have the advantage of access to
Beecham's own record collection.

Don Cox
doncox at enterprise.net

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