[78-L] Strange sounds in optical fibre transfers?

Milan P Milovanovic milanpmilovanovic4 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 19:09:58 PST 2012

Dear all,


while on other list I watched this video:




and analyzed some parts of it. I think that this Optical Fibre tonearm shown here is unbeatable, especially in areas of "playing"delicate surfaces such as wax or wax alike cylinders and plates, lacquers with damaged surface, metal discs and other artifacts of recorded sound.


It is said in description that "the force applied by the fiber on the record is limited to 50 mg, about 100 times less than that of a modern pick-up", so you will never be in risk to damage your record by reproducing it.


One thing was very mysterious to me. 


Please, look at the video around 2:20 and furthermore (title says: "Stereophonic records microsillon").


Am I just guessing wrong or I can hear "bottom of the groove" that is touched by the tiny optical fibre playback "string" and included sound picture as deep noise in the center of the sound picture. 


If anyone hears the same it would be very interesting to find out what is it?


Thank you,



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