[78-L] oyVey has made a change effective today

Alan Bunting alanbuntinguk at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 25 10:20:18 PST 2012

Not quite sure what you mean - here in the UK my saved search is for "78 rpm records" (minus inverted commas) and this turns up several hundred "newly listed" each day (I only search for UK listings).
I thought you might mean individual artists searches but the following turned up just 78 rpm Bing Crosby records (an arbitary choice I assure everyone!)  :
"Bing Crosby" 78 rpm records     When I save the search it remains exactly the same i.e. "78 rpm records" doesn't become "records".
Like others, I too miss the wild card option.
Alan Bunting

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>Dear friends:
>I use standing searches at eBay to alert me when items of prospective
>interest turn up. Recently as Steve says, the wizards at eBay disabled wild
>card searches. (OK, so it's not all bad, you can now conduct one worldwide
>search instead of searching eBay France, UK, Germany, etc.) So I redid all
>my searches. 
>On some of them, I am trying to restrict results to 78 rpms only, NOT
>"records" (which includes LPs, 45s and 78s.) And I am seemingly unable to
>save that option: it keeps defaulting to "records". Has anyone else faced
>this problem, and has anyone else found a remedy? Thanks for letting us
>Very best,
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>Subject: [78-L] oyVey has made a change effective today
>oyVey now states:
>Search using the wildcard symbol (*) is no longer supported.
>This means that sellers who misspell terms at the end of the word are less
>likely to be captured in a search.  Before today's change, I could search
>and get both Hammerstein and Hammerstien listings.
>I phoned oyVey customer support to request a review and reconsideration of
>this change./steve 
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