[78-L] Where to find 78 rpm ?

Thomas HENRY thomashenry81 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 09:45:45 PST 2012


Even if a lot of us buy 78 rpm on the internet, some may still prefer
finding records in stores or markets. Each time I visit a new city, I try
to find a place to buy records, which is not always easy... I went to
Sweden a few months ago and made a research on the internet beforehand but
I didn't find anything, so I asked our Swedish fellows to help me. I
wouldn't have found anything without them.
So I decided to create a new section on my blog called "Where to find 78
rpm". This section consists of a list of places and a dynamic map :
I just started and added a few places where I found 78 rpm, mainly in my
city Paris. But I'd like this map to be useful for everybody : who wants to
help me completing my list of shops and markets worlwide ?
Thanks !
Greetings from France !


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