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Han Enderman jcenderman at solcon.nl
Sun Nov 18 09:13:05 PST 2012

I have several images of this black Mexican Peerless label, in the range 846-977.
So it seems the label started at ca. 800.
Other black label items are:
1538, Trio Tariacuri;
1664, Manuelita Arriola.
These labels are similar to the earliest Mexican red labels, which - however - have 
the legend "Grabado Electrico" replaced.
While I've seen 1601 with early red label (prob. repressing), my other red label pictures
(the early ones, mentioning the 1921 registration) start at 1883.

In my notes about the label I found the following info:
Fábrica de discos Peerless S.A. de C.V. fue la primera empresa 
fonográfica mexicana fundada en el año de 1933, por 
Don Gustavo Klinckwort y Don Eduardo Baptista.
Inicia operaciones el 14 de agosto de 1933, su marca ®Peerless, 
fue registrada el 7 de abril de 1921, bajo el No. 19263, por lo cual 
no puede ser usada con otros fines.

Documenting & Cataloging the Mexican PEERLESS Label
Peerless was Mexico's first, but so far totally undocumented, commercial record label. 
The firm began in the late 1920s and operated until 2003, when it was sold to Warner Entertainment. 
In 1996 the Arhoolie Foundation began cataloging and documenting the firm's output from 1939 
(when they began with catalog release # 1500) after a fire had destroyed their facilities 
along with all documents and masters, through 1955 or the end of the 78 rpm format. 
The work was done in Mexico City at the company's offices with the full cooperation especially of 
its director, Juergen Ulrich. The project was originated and directed by Prof. James Nicolopulos 
(Univ. of Texas at Austin), and assisted by John Clark, a specialist on mariachi music, 
Chris Strachwitz, various record collectors in Mexico City, and the staff and management of Peerless S.A. 
Details of most of the pre-1939 recordings were supplied by collectors in Mexico, primarily Armando Pouss.

han enderman
>>> Both these songs were from the movie musical "Gold Diggers Of 1933". 
This type of popular song was almost invariably recorded in the year of 
the movie release.
In the UK, for instance, 10 out of 11 recordings of "The Gold Diggers' 
Song" were made in 1933 together with "Shadow Waltz", either as parts of 
a selection or on either side of the same record.
I would assume it was the same in the Americas.
Besides, Peerless 903 was issued in 1933, according to the excellent 
Discography Of Cuban Music:
For the 903 entry, seek:
The band was Mexican, as was the recording.
Organist Roy Carter, of British origin, was musical director of AM radio 
station XEB in Mexico City, and recordedseveral titlesfor Peerless. He 
died in 1943 and was buried in Mexico City. His band is often mentioned 
as one of theleading Mexican dance bands, together with Luis Arcaraz & 
His Orchestra.
I have seen and heard Doug's copy of the record...it has both the feel and 
the sound of an early 30s recording and pressing,  contemporary with the two 
pop tunes.  
It doesn't look like the 40s Peerless labels I have seen. 
The design is almost identical but it has an older look to it.
I show at least 4 different Peerless labels in my label files, all the 
way from an American Graphophone patents Peerless label (1900s), a 
Zonophone Peerless (1900s) to the more common later red and gold label 
(1940, Mexico City and Los Angeles). Unfortunately I do not show a Leeds 
& Catlin or an ARC label in my files, but I do have a German produced 
Peerless label.
And there seems to have been a Gennett pressed Peerless I've never seen 
a copy of - until now. It's on the ARLIE disc that accompanies Sutton & 
Nauck's American Record Label book.
I suspect yours is the 1940s label, no?
Malcolm R
I have the following disc in my collection and have no luck in obtaining  
any info on it.
Peerless 899 (Black label with gold writing, not the usual Red/Gold)
Roy Carter y su Orqesta
The Gold Diggers Song
Shadow Waltz
Fine versions of these tunes, both sides. No master numbers shown.

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