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Bryan Wright bryan at claxtonola.com
Thu Nov 8 13:10:50 PST 2012

I hope you'll all forgive the shameless plug, but this talk of new CD  
releases of vintage jazz reminds me to mention that my Rivermont label  
has just released several new discs that may be of interest to 78-L  

Hot!" (1922-1924) [BSW-1158]
Frank Westphal led a terrific jazz-flavored band in Chicago in the  
mid-1920s, and he left some marvelous recordings, including  
interesting versions  "Wolverine Blues," "Bugle Call Rag," "Railroad  
Man," "That Barkin' Dog," and more (all on this CD). The Rivermont CD  
collects 25 of the "hottest" Westphal recordings and Mark Berresford  
(editor of VJM) wrote the 28-page booklet that goes with this disc.

THE SHANNON QUARTET: "A Little Bit of Heaven" (1925-1928) [BSW-1157]
A disc of all early electric recordings by this influential singing  
group that also recorded as The Revelers, The Singing Sophomores, and  
under dozens of other pseudonyms. Glenn Robison, host of "Rapidly  
Rotating Records," conducted a lot of original research, contacting  
descendants of the Shannon Quartet's members for family photos and  
anecdotes to write the massive 40-page booklet that goes with this one.

PAUL ASARO AND THE FAT BABIES: "What a Heavenly Dream - The Fats  
Waller Rhythm Project" [BSW-2222]
This is a 2012 recording by well-respected young Chicago-based band  
paying homage to the music of Fats Waller and His Rhythm. I know as  
producer I'm biased, but these guys really "get it." They musicians  
(Andy Schumm, John Otto, Beau Sample, Jake Sanders, Alex Hall, and  
Paul Asaro) are all 78 collectors themselves and they have thoroughly  
steeped themselves in the style. This album was so good that we're  
releasing it on CD *and* on limited-edition clear vinyl LP.

If any of these look interesting, I'd invite you to visit the  
Rivermont website where you can view complete track listings, read  
more about the CDs, listen to sound samples, and (hopefully) order  
copies for yourself.


Thanks for your support!

Bryan W.

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