[78-L] Canadian discographies from Jack Litchfield

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Thu Nov 8 10:56:48 PST 2012

Jack has some interesting Canadiana documented.

On 11/8/2012 9:21 AM, Jack Litchfield wrote:
> My book, /The Canadian Columbia 16000-D Series/, is now available to read and
> download on the CAPS Website at www.capsnews.org <http://www.capsnews.org>. As
> it lists all the known issues in this
> rare Canadian series of 78s, and as I will keep the Website up-to-date as new
> information is received, would you please notify the members of your 78 group.


On 11/8/2012 9:47 AM, Jack Litchfield wrote:
> Good morning, all.
>  From 1917 to 1942, 599 records of popular music were recorded and issued in
> Canada by the Victor company in Montreal. As the recording ledgers have
> disappeared, it is not possible to determine the /precise/ recording date of
> each record. However, I have found a way to /estimate/ the recording date for
> each one. These dates are shown in my new book. It contains 28 pages, including
> 3 pages of label photographs in colour. I do not list the tune titles and
> artist credits (as this information is available elsewhere), but there are 5
> pages of text (plus 2 of tables and charts) that give a brief history of the
> Victor company during that period, and also describe the method I used to
> estimate the recording dates. If you are a record collector, I think this book
> will be of interest to you. I have copies for sale:
> $8.00 by hand
> $10.00 by mail in Canada
> $12.00 by mail to the USA.
> I really enjoyed conducting the research that went into this book, and I am
> pleased with the result.
> Jack Litchfield

Here's Jack's e-mail:

2jlitchfield at rogers.com


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