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The name means nothing to me - sorry.
Alan Bunting (ex-BBC)

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>I recently digitized a recording made during WWII in England.   It was done
>for an American, Lieutenant Hayes, by a recently made friend, David
>Southwood, a British soldier and employed (before, during, after?) the war.
>They scripted the 12" lacquer with music in and out, an intro by Southwood,
>greetings by Hayes, with a Christmas message to his family.  They included a
>report on bombing with what sounded like an on-the-scene air raid report,
>gave closing remarks and signed off with music.   Lieutenant Hayes sent the
>disk home to his family and was unfortunately killed before Christmas.   My
>question:  What do we know about David Southwood.  Did he survive, and did
>he go back to the BBC after the war?  Is he by any chance still alive?
>Ron L'Herault  
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