[78-L] OT: Best way to make a simple live recording.

Sammy Jones sjones69 at bellsouth.net
Tue Sep 4 21:04:32 PDT 2012

You might consider a single point stereo microphone.  Place the chorus in a 
semicircle, with the members facing inwards.  Place the stereo mic so it is 
even with the ends of the semicircle and pointing towards the center. 
Experiment moving the microphone away from the chorus a bit if the sound is 
too "present."  Place the keyboard between the mic and the chorus 
(preferably closer to the chorus), but experient with moving the keyboard 
around some if it overpowers the singers.

Monitor the setup with headphones, and have an assistant who can move the 
mic and people around a bit while you listen.  Single point stereo mics are 
a very simple and effective way to mic a simple ensemble like this.

It's important to remember that where you place a singer or instrument 
directly affects where they will sound on the recording (from extreme left 
to extreme right).

Stereo mics come in all sorts of varieties and might have mini plugs (that 
will plug into the mic input of a computer) or XLR connectors (that will 
plug into a mixer or recorder that accepts a mic level input).

Here's a couple of mics to consider (one is at the low end of the price 
spectrum; the other in the middle):


Let us know how the recording turns out!

Even if you do go with a USB mic, the placement is still of paramount 
importance.  Give the semicircle pattern described above a try!


> Hi, Mike, thanks for the comments. I'm doing the best I can! <G> Let me 
> give
> you the what for...
> "a simple live recording OF:
> Unamplified lead vocalist, unamplified chorus of 6 to 8 people, Yamaha
> electric keyboard. In a vaulted ceiling living room with wood floors."
> Hope this straightens everything out. I am most probably going to buy a 
> microphone...looking at the Samson Go Mic, Portable Computer USB Condenser
> Mic.
> Thanks to all who responded, and apologies to all who scratched their 
> heads
> at any of my descriptions.
> Best,
> Joel
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>> I am just looking for the best way to make a simple live audio recording.
>> I really appreciate the feedback and apologize if I've been less than
>> clear about what I am trying to do here!
> Yes, you have been less than clear, and it is the reason why the responses
> have been nearly useless.  All you needed to do was add one more phrase
> after the word "of" as in "a simple live recording OF:"
> some examples would be:
> a singer with a guitar
> or a singer with a piano
> or a guitar
> or two guitars
> or a piano
> or a violin
> or a string quartette
> or a four piece rock band with 3 amplifiers, a drum kit, and two singers 
> or
> a narrator or two narrators or whatever it is you are recording.  WHAT you
> are recording is more important than just that you are recording.  The
> answers differ with the "WHAT".
> What is also amusing in the responses is that some people have been
> suggesting hundreds of dollars of purchases for what you seem to be 
> hinting
> is a one time thing.  Hunting up some used Shure SM58s ranks as the worst
> advice given here (they are stage mics for shouting into, not recording
> mics), but buying some hundreds of dollars of mixers without even asking 
> if
> you need multiple mics ranks down there also.
> Tell us the "of what" and the real answers will flow.
> Mike Biel  mbiel at mbiel.com

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